What Is The Golgi Body In A Restaurant?

What would the cell wall be in a restaurant?

The cell wall is like the walls of the restaurant because the walls protects the restaurant from environmental conditions and gives shape to the restaurant in the same way the cell wall protects, supports, and gives shape to the plant cell..

What body part is like the cell wall?

The cell wall can be represented as the bones in our body. This is because the bones provide extra support for the cell just like the cell wall does to its plant cell. The cytoplasm can be represented as the muscles in our body.

What is the job of the Golgi body in a cell?

A Golgi body, also known as a Golgi apparatus, is a cell organelle that helps process and package proteins and lipid molecules, especially proteins destined to be exported from the cell.

What is the structure and function of Golgi body?

The Golgi apparatus, also known as the Golgi complex, Golgi body, or simply the Golgi, is an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells. Part of the endomembrane system in the cytoplasm, it packages proteins into membrane-bound vesicles inside the cell before the vesicles are sent to their destination.

How are Golgi bodies formed?

Cisternae Maturation Model shows that proteins from the ER join to make parts of the Golgi, so the Golgi can be made. … In summary, packages of processing enzymes and new proteins originating in the ER fuse together to form the Golgi and as the proteins are processed and mature, the next Golgi compartment is created.

What is the difference between Golgi apparatus and Golgi body?

Golgi apparatus and the golgi bodies are the same. The Golgi apparatus consists of a stack of membrane-bounded cisternae located between the endoplasmic reticulum and the cell surface. … Golgi bodies in the plant cells are termed to be dictyosomes.

Why is the Golgi folded?

Even if they get out of the ER into the cis cisternae of the Golgi, their ER targeting signal gets them sorted into vesicles that bring them back to the ER. … Proteins that are normally exported from the E R must be properly folded. Abnormally proteins are retained by chaperone molecules.

What is an example of lysosome?

For example, the white blood cells called phagocytes ingest invading bacteria in order to break it down and destroy it, and the bacteria is enclosed by a vesicle that lysosomes fuse with. These lysosomes then break down the bacteria.

What is Golgi apparatus short answer?

The Golgi apparatus, also called Golgi complex or Golgi body, is a membrane-bound organelle found in eukaryotic cells (cells with clearly defined nuclei) that is made up of a series of flattened stacked pouches called cisternae. It is located in the cytoplasm next to the endoplasmic reticulum and near the cell nucleus.

What is Golgi apparatus Class 9?

Golgi apparatus. Golgi apparatus. The stacks of flattened membranous vesicles are called Golgi apparatus. It basically stores, packs and modifies the products in vesicles. It temporarily stores protein that moves out of the cell through the vesicles of the Golgi apparatus.

Why is the Golgi apparatus important?

(i) The main function of Golgi apparatus is to carry out the processing of proteins generated in endoplasmic reticulum. Golgi apparatus also transports protein to the different parts of cell.

How a cell is like a?

A cell is like a car. The nucleus of a cell would be like the driver of a car, they control the cell/car. Cell membrane is like the doors on a car. … It gives the motor energy so it can run like the mitochondrion produces energy for the cell.

How a school is like a cell?

A cell membrane controls what is allowed to enter and exit a cell, like a school security guard controls what is allowed in and out of school. Cell walls are like school doors. A cell wall filters what goes into the cell, like school doors are a filter for a school. … Smooth ER are like school buses.

What part of the human body is like the Centriole?

The reproduction system in the human body is responsible for this. The organelle in the cell which is compared to reproduction are the centrioles. The primary difference in the two is the cell membrane is selectively permeable.

What part of the human body is like the cytoskeleton?

RibosomesRibosomes. The cytoskeleton would be like the human skeleton because it is the structure of the cell.

What is an example of a Golgi body?

The Golgi apparatus is also known as the Golgi complex or Golgi body. A Golgi complex contains cisternae. … The Golgi apparatus has several functions, including modification of several products from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Examples include phospholipids and proteins.

What body part is like the Golgi body?

The Nucleolus The Golgi body helps to create and package large molecules used in other parts of the cell. This organelle is found in both plant and animal cells. the equivalent in the human body is the blood veins.

How a cell is like a house?

The cytoskeleton of a cell can be compared to the walls of a house. The walls of a house are similar to the cytoskeleton of a cell because they provide support for a house. They are also made of very strong material so the house will not collapse on itself.