Question: What Cereal Can I Eat Without Milk?

Can you eat Weetabix dry?

One thing is absolutely for sure: the dry little wheat cakes can’t be eaten by themselves unless for a dare.

But the temperature and accompanying ingredients to Weetabix have been at the center of a fiery debate recently, and we felt it could no longer go unresolved..

How do you eat Weetbix with milk?

InstructionsAdd Weetbix to a bowl. Pour over milk and eat immediately.You can add sweetness or flavour with fresh fruit or honey.

Is eating cereal without milk weird?

Cereal can easily be eaten as a snack without having to pour milk inside the bowl. You just have to a handful in a Ziploc bag, take it to school, and eat it like chips during break time. You can use cereal to add flavor and texture to a cake or crush the cereal and make it a seasoning for pancakes lel.

What can I use instead of milk for mashed potatoes?

Replace milk with any of the following:Cooking water from the potatoes – reserve it in a heatproof container such as a glass measureing cup when you drain the potatoes.Veggie or chicken stock.Unsweetened milk alternative.

Can you eat cereal with water instead of milk?

Assuming the cereal has flavor, the water will dilute it. … If your cereal is plain corn flakes, the water will make it taste a lot more bland and just make it mushy. Milk tastes good and compliments cereals. It is also a healthy addition to your breakfast, while water is just simple added hydration.

What can I eat cereal with besides milk?

5 Ways to Eat Cereal Other Than Just with MilkFrench Toast Coating. Prepare for things to get a little meta when you dip battered French toast in Cinnamon Toast Crunch before frying it in butter. … Salad Croutons. Sometimes you need some extra crunch in your salad and you don’t have any croutons or nuts. … Breading for Fried Food. … Ice Cream Topping. … Dessert Crust.

Can I eat cereal with milk?

There’s something really comforting about the sound of milk being poured into a bowl of cereal. It’s like they’re made for each other. And in many ways, they are! It’s a combination that, when you add some fruit and a drink, gives you a balance of hydration, vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrate.

What to use if you have no milk?

5 Easy Substitutes for When You Run Out of MilkSour Cream or Yogurt. Sour cream or full fat yogurt can be substituted 1:1 for whole milk. … Half and Half. If you’ve run out of milk, but the fridge is still stocked with your half and half for coffee, you’re in luck. … Non-Dairy Milks. … Evaporated Milk. … Dry Milk.

Is it OK to eat dry cereal?

No. Dry cereal would get moistened enough in the stomach by the gastric juices to be properly processed. After eating you may get the urge to drink something but that too is normal.

How do you eat Weetabix without milk?

Low fat Greek yoghurt & honey. Banana & almond. Summer berries (blackberries, … Low fat Greek yoghurt & honey. Strawberries & low fat yoghurt. Cocoa dusting. … Yoghurt and chocolate chips as a treat! Mango & natural yoghurt 26. Peach slices with plain low fat yoghurt 19. … Blueberries. Fruit compote & low fat yoghurt. Dried berries.

How do you make cereal taste good without milk?

Granola. Combine your favorite brand with mixed dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips and/or anything else you can imagine for a fun, exclusively-yours snack. Instead of granola bars, you can also try making cereal bars for those on-the-go days when you don’t have time to sit down with a bowl and spoon.

Is it OK to eat corn flakes without milk?

Absolutely not. In fact, that’s one of the worst things you could do. Breakfast cereal is high in sugar and processed starch. It will raise your insulin and blood sugar.

How do you make Weetabix tasty?

For those cold winter mornings there is nothing better than a delicious bowl of hot weetabix. Heat your milk of choice then add 2 weetabix. Add a splash of cinnamon to taste. At the moment I’ve been adding a tablespoon of almond butter pumpkin spice to mine (cinnamon/ginger/cloves).

Can I eat cereal at night?

Not all cereals are bad choices at night, but if you’re eating a high-sugar, low-fiber one, then you’re wreaking havoc with your blood sugar. You’ll likely wake up starving a few hours later or in the morning due to the over-production of insulin the sugar triggers.

How can I eat oats without milk?

Coconut, almond, or soy yogurt all make great, easy add-ins to morning oats without the need for milk at all. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flavors, and most all of them come in no-sugar-added varieties if you’re watching your sugar intake.