How Old Is Hailey Orona Famous Birthdays?

How old is Alex Guzman?

19 years 2 months 20 daysAlex Guzman is 19 years 2 months 20 days old..

Did Hailey Ona and Brandon break up?

She grew up alongside a brother and a sister in Upland, California. She also has a nephew. She began dating Brandon Westenberg in 2018 and she often featured him on her Instagram account; they broke up the following year.

Is Beyondbrandon Hispanic?

His nationality is American and his ethnicity is Dutch and Indonesian. He was born to American parents and was raised in the same place where he was born. His birth sign is Aries and was raised by his parents along with his brother Lance who is also immensely popular on the Tik Tok app.

Is Ona Mexican?

Hailey Orona was born on December 24, 2002 in Upland, California. She is of Mexican descent and has two sisters and two brothers. Her parents divorced in 2005 and she was raised by her mother in Ontario along side one brother and one sister.

How old is ONA 2020?

Ona Profile:Personal InfoStage Namereal.onaBirthdayDecember 24, 2002Age18 years (As in 2021)GenderFemale20 more rows

Does ONA have a boyfriend?

She confirmed on summer in mid-2018 of being in a relationship with Brandon Westenberg. Like her, Brandon also resides in California. On 20th September 2018, Hailey posted a ‘Boyfriend Tag’ video on her YouTube channel.

What is Blesivs real full name?

Alex GuzmanAlex Guzman, also recognized by his online alias ‘Blesiv’, is an American social media star. He is best known for his TikTok videos, Instagram posts and YouTube channel. He initially earned fame on TikTok for posting lip-sync videos to songs by artists like Kodak Black and Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

How old is Hailey 2020?

Hailey Orona was born on 24 December 2002. Hailey Orona is 18 years old.

What ethnicity is Ona?

Ona, South American Indians who once inhabited the island of Tierra del Fuego.

Does Hailey ONA have a baby?

She is very quiet and lives by herslef. She no longer lives with her parents since she had a little accident and they kicked her out. She has a 5 month year old baby girl named Ruth.

How old is Brandon Westenberg now?

Brandon Westenberg was born on 11 April 2001. Brandon Westenberg is 19 years old.

Is Ona pregnant?

By now, Ona is pregnant with her second child. Premature labor, combined with her weak physical state, results in her death – and the baby’s death – during childbirth.

Who has Beyondbrandon dated?

He and dancer Jordyn Jones dated from 2016 until mid 2018. He later dated Hailey Orona from the summer of 2018 until 2019.

Who is Alex Guzman’s girlfriend?

Hailey OronaThe YouTube star Alex is in a romantic relationship with the social media personality Hailey Orona as Ona. He confirmed in April 2018 that “he and Ona are officially dating.” Alxe and Ona did several videos and often posted on his channel. Hailey Orona is known as Real.

Is Alex Guzman Mexican?

He’s of Nicaraguan descendent. He has an older brother named Harry and a younger brother named Henry.

How does Ona get a job?

Ona gets a job sewing hams into packaging. Ona becomes pregnant. Ona bears Jurgis a son, Antanas. Ona goes back to work at Brown’s packing plant right after giving birth.

What is real ONA snap?

Hailey Orona is an American social media star and famous for her instagram account, where she posts selfies, lifestyle video’s and stylish outfits. She’s also known for her lip syncing and dancing video’s on Tik Tok.